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washington post." which is how we know about it. >> clayton: yesterday, john delong, i love this. he is the director of compliance with the nsa. held a press conference with reporters to try to go over some of these concerns and basically saying that, look. mistakes were made but we have a zero tolerance policy. listen to john delong. he says this: nsa has a zero tolerance policy for willful misconduct. none of the incidents that were in the documents released were willful. no one at nsa thinks a mistake is okay but those kinds of reports are designed and generated to make sure we understand when mistakes occur. ' so willful. i like this. so this idea that we didn't willfully grab any of this stuff. what i find so hypocritical about this is the very technology they are using does this. they know that the technology he they are using captures all of this information. when he they built and put this technology in place. that was willful. so this is a lie. >> alisyn: a lot of it is human error as we now know. the reason these things came to light by the way was because of edward snowde
these two teenagers allegedly jumped anymore a parking lot in spokane, washington wednesday night as he was on his way to play a game of pool. spokane police still searching for key than adams kennard seen here in want thissed poster. he. former d.c. detective rod wheeler. nice to see you this morning. welcome to the show. such a horrifying story. this individual demetrius glen arrested on friday. what part of this investigation, where do they go now to try to get this other guy? >> the police honestly believe this guy is somewhere in the local area up there. can i tell you and i have been following the reports overnight. they are actually checking and a lot of these guy's relatives homes. he has relatives in the neighboring states. they are also checking all of those areas. i honestly believe they are going to find this guy today. he is very violent obviously by the attacks they did on this old guy here. they may be armed. the police don't know that they're pulling out every stop to try to find this kid. >> mike: what are you hearing about the past of these perpetrators? >> both of the
of the latest for you from washington. >> and so much for civility and colored blindness. charlie rangel goes on a racist rant calling the tea party a white cracker. should the liberals condemn these comments? >> a scary wakeup call, why not sleeping through the night signal something more serious about your health. this is "fox & friends" and it begins right >> alisyn: good morning, everybody. thanks to much for joining us. peter johnson jr. in for clayton this morning. >> peter: good morning. >> alisyn: great to have you back, tucker. we is missed you. >> tucker: thank you. >> alisyn: a fox news alert we start with because there are some new details emerging on the al qaeda terror threat. shutting down 21 u.s. embassies tomorrow. and it has led at the a worldwide travel alert for americans. elizabeth prann is live in washington with the very latest for us. hi, elizabeth. >> good morning. senior intelligence officials say they have gathered enough evidence to suggest that terrorists affiliateds continue to plan terrorist attacks in the middle east and north africa and across the country. not
. elizabeth prann is live for us in washington. >> completed four day investigation. the team collecting and carrying various samples for lab analysis to determine if chemical weapons were used to kill syrian people this while secretary of state john kerry made it clear yesterday u.s. officials already have the answer to that question and there will be action against the rogue regime after telling the american public the administration has classified intelligence which is both clear and compelling and shows the regime forces are behind the latest chemical attack which is said to have killed 1400 people and more than 400 children. >> this crime against conscience, this crime against humanity? crime against the most fundamental principles of international community, against the norm of the international community, this matters it to us. and it matters to who we are and it matters to leadership and to our credibility in the world. >> after this announcement is that the u.s. would take action with or without congressional approval. some lawmakers feel there needs to be more of an abalance. a
days. >> clayton: that feels like the rest of the summer. before he left washington he decided to give us all something to digest this weekend as we diet through his long press conference yesterday. and one of the things the president mentioned yesterday this weekend, 18 of the 19 embassies that had been closed as a result of that terror threat are going to be reopened suddenly. >> tucker: yes that there was a time limit on that and apparently the time limit has expired. he attempted to answer the question. if al qaeda is on the run and no longer a threat, then why we are cowering before the threat of al qaeda. trying to thread the needle, here is what president obama said? >> it's entirely consistent to say that this tightly organized and relatively centralized al qaeda that attacked us on 9/11 has been broken apart. and is very weak and does not have a lot of operational capacity. and to say we still have these oorge regional organizations like aqap, they can pose a threat. >> aqap of course is al qaeda in. during the last presidential campaign he saw political advantage in telling a
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)